Antione Day spent a decade in prison for a murder he didn't commit. While there, he witnessed physical and mental abuse, beatings and killings. Day finds it hard to forget the incessant noise of prison, the dank must of the air. But Day adapted. He created his own world, choosing to exercise, read and eventually, work on his own case in hopes of having his conviction overturned. With the help of the late Howard Joseph, a lawyer who worked pro bono on Day's case, Day was eventually granted a new trial after it came to light that his defense attorney had failed to cross-examine a surviving victim who said Day was not involved, amongst other errors. Charges were dismissed against Day in 2002 and he was released.

Day went on to co-found Life After Justice, a non-profit that provides homes for men released from prison, with preference for those who were wrongfully convicted. Day was awarded a certificate of innocence by the Circuit Court of Cook County in 2010.

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