Michele Weldon married a man she knew her entire life. They dated three years before making it official. She was a reporter, a talented writer. He was handsome. A lawyer. The life of the party. And then one day during an argument, he put his hands on her chest and slammed her against a wall. She was shocked. But she stayed. She told herself she could fix it, that she was smart enough, capable enough to overcome the abuse and make him better. They eventually had three children. The abuse continued. Nearly once a year, an argument would escalate. She'd speak up, he'd react and again she'd find herself on the floor trying to find her breath. They went to counseling, she told herself it would get better. And it stayed that way, the cycle continued. For a time. 

Michele Weldon is a writer, essayist and public speaker. Her newest memoir, Escape Points, discusses her abusive marriage, single-motherhood and her fight with cancer.